View Full Version : Sprint issue or Droid issue?

03-29-2011, 06:32 PM
Make a call and the person on the other end either can't hear me at all or just hears static when I speak. What's up? This has happened with both my Evo and now Epic.

05-11-2011, 06:22 PM
New Droid Evo cuts out on calls, especially from the location of my office where I most frequenlty need to use the phone. May work for a short time, but gets progressively worse. Callers can only hear "every third word" or less. Turning off and rebooting will help, but then the problem starts again. Been to the Sprint store where it works fine and the service techs insist that there is nothing wrong with it.

05-12-2011, 10:29 PM
Your troubles sound network related, T1 / Backhaul for the 1st comment, and a lack of Maintanence for the 2nd issue as it sounds like you are between Sectors of a site and you do not have Pilot Dominance. The sectors do not sound like they can give you enough power to complete a call, and when you re-set the phone, you will lock back into one sector. As you make you calls, you go into a "soft handoff" and your troubles begin again. As a former Sprint Technician, I can tell you the Network and engineering teams were "outsourced", it was officially called re-badging, and I have noticed the network getting progressively worse. The techs used to have an area that they were responsble for, but now, multiple techs are dispatched to the same site, and they cannot repair anything without a ticket. They have sites down for days and weeks now because there is no ticket created. We used to be able to react and repair the site ourselves! That's why I work for someone else now!

06-08-2011, 01:21 PM
I am having the same issues but only in certain location so I am assuming nothing is wrong with the device. Thanks for the answers though :)