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05-27-2011, 12:55 PM
alright, here we go for a first post.

I bought a Zio off of ebay, pretty cheap, i had to get away from my BB couldnt stand it anymore, so i got the Zio in, switched out my BB for it and now its play time, it is running 2.2 and i rooted it, all great went smooth, now i added setcpu and works great still, big speed diff. and now i wanted to remove some junk that came stock like the stupid sprint widgets and email exchange. so got an app and removed them both and now heres my problem, my home button on the bottom the one next to menu back and search doesnt work, if you touch the home button, it only vibrates nothing else, but all the others work, *menu, back, search* any suggestions on how i can get it back functioning, cause seriously having to hit back button 30 times to get back to home screen is getting annoying lol.

and on an off topic, ive heard good and bad about zio running honeycomb, anyone sucessfully done it on here yet? and flash support for the zio, is it even possible? Thanks all and any help would be appreciated :D

05-29-2011, 10:01 PM
well i wasnt able to find a resolve, so i just done a factory restore and crossed my fingers, and we have sucess, all buttons working and was getting rdy to re-root and as soon as i went to run app to root i got a msg saying it was already rooted, so factory reset didnt even unroot, and i thought i lost it all no contacts and was gonna put em back in when i got back home and sprint was doing its update what ever the hell it is and by the time i got home all my contacts were back, now wtf went on here? so a factory reset only puts back deleted bloatware and deletes d/l apps, but doesnt unroot and doesnt delete contacts, im lost but oh well im happy lol now time to find honeycomb and see if i cant get the zio to run it