View Full Version : Sound Issues with my Optimus V

12-19-2011, 03:47 PM
I have had my phone just about a year. I plugged it into my car jack a few times before but then one magical day it was plugged in and it started to act funny. So I unplugged it from the car and went about my business. Later that magical night i plugged my head phones into the jack after starting up Pandora and Pandora did this really cool yet annoying pause play thing for like 2 minutes. I also tried to make a call on it and the only way I could here anyone or anyone could here me was if I had it on speaker phone. Now it did not bother me to bad until one fine day I was at Walmart in the check out line talking to my wife and she started talking dirty to me not knowing she was on speaker and I fumbled around trying to turn it down, mute or just disconnect our call I eventually dropped the phone and as you other Optimus V carriers falls into three pieces. So the thing is I see lots of others having the same issue I am having (with the phone sound not working), but no solution. If there is anyone who can direct me to a solution that would be fantastic.