View Full Version : Motorola Photon MANY Problems!

04-01-2012, 05:50 PM
I've had my Motorola Photon since the day it came out for Sprint on July 31 and loved it at first, but then i came back home to my small town, with low coverage, and I have no internet at all, except wifi. It has absolutely no 4G. I also receive picture mail, but cannot view them, and picture mail fails when I try to send it. I've gone to a Sprint store and they say it's fixed, but that's always in the store in a city, where I have internet and picture mail when the try it out. My siblings have a similar phone called the Samsung Epic, and Evo Shift and they get internet and picture mail, so it must be my phone's own issue. I also HATE the loud sound the camera makes when taking a picture.. is there a way to turn that off?
I've lived with that, but recently the ringtone for notifications works, like Facebook and email, and the ring tones for phone calls work fine, but the ringtone for texts will not work at all. I also cannot see that I have a message unless I go to the actual text messages, which is really annoying when having a conversation. Another problem that started a few days ago was that its turning off randomly, and wont turn back on. I take out the battery for a while, put it back in, and it might turn on for a while, but then turns right back off randomly. I even plug it in to my charger for a while, and nothing. I have a feeling maybe it's because I dropped it that day, but it was on carpet, and I drop it all the time, even though I don't have a case, and it was always perfectly fine before. Because of my experience with customer support, I don't feel they'll help me much. Help???