View Full Version : HTC Aria Camera Issues

07-15-2010, 12:19 AM
1. The Camera application will not launch.

o All pictures, video and music files are automatically saved to the SD Card; these functions will not work on the device without an SD Card being present.

o If the SD Card is present and the application won’t launch, power the device off and back on.

o Attempt to launch the camera by going to Home>Applications>Camera.

§ If still unsuccessful, the device will need to be hard reset and retested. If still no success, the device will need to be considered for an exchange.

2. Are the photos being taken in low-light conditions?

· The device does not come with a Flash so pictures need to be taken in a well-lit area.

3. Is the device being held steadily while capturing the picture/video?

· If the device is unstable, the photo/video may be blurry due to movement.

4. Is the camera lens clean and free of debris/residue?

· Wipe the camera lens with a soft, dry cloth.

5. Perform a Soft Reset on the device and retest.

6. If the issue remains, perform a Hard Reset and retest.