View Full Version : HTC Aria freezes, runs slowly or displays low memory errors

07-15-2010, 12:24 AM
It is normal for the device to pause when opening programs. It may also pause when sending a text message (SMS), making or receiving a phone call, or browsing the Internet.

Good to Know’s:

· To use its memory most efficiently, the device only runs a maximum of 6 applications at one time.

· Android does not include a task manager program for closing running applications. As new applications open, Android closes unused applications.

· Turning off the device closes all applications. To view the running applications, press and hold the Home key.

· There is not an option to save applications downloaded and installed from Market on a SD Card; they are automatically saved to the devices memory.

· All pictures, video and music files are automatically saved to the SD Card; these functions will not work on the device without an SD Card being present.

If the device freezes, runs slowly, or displays low memory errors, follow these steps:

1. Perform a Soft Reset
* Power the device off and remove the battery for 10 seconds.
2. Power the device back on and retest.
3. Check the amount of available memory on the device by going to Home>Menu>Settings>SD Card & phone storage. If less than 20 MB Available Space, items will need to be removed to free up more memory.
* Remove applications downloaded and installed from Market:
o Home>Applications>Market>Downloads. Touch on the items(s) to be removed and follow the onscreen prompts. Power cycle the device to complete the uninstallation.
* Delete old Email messages from the device.
* Delete old SMS/MMS messages from the device.
* Clear the Browser History
o Home>Browser Icon>Menu>History>Menu>Clear History.
* Clear the Call History
o Home>Applications>Call History>Menu>Delete All.
4. If issue began after installing a program from Market, remove the application, power cycle the device and retest.
* Note: Do not re-install the program and flag it as harmful to the device if the issue is not seen after the application removal.
5. If issue persists, perform a Hard Reset; this will undo everything that has been done to the device and restore it back to factory setting.
* The user will need to back up any data they do not want to lose before performing the Hard Reset.
o From the Home Screen, select Menu>Settings>Privacy>Factory data reset and follow the onscreen prompts.