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07-22-2010, 02:44 PM
What bands/frequencies does my device support?
This device supports the following:
Up to 2 Mbps upload and 7.2 Mbps download speeds
(Band frequency, HSPA availability, and data speed are operator dependent.)

What does a hard reset do and how is it performed?
A hard reset restores the original factory settings and will erase all downloaded content, including ringtones, contacts stored in the handset memory, etc. It does not erase data stored on the SIM card or memory card (if available). Back up all necessary data on the device memory before proceeding.
Using the Menu settings, press Home > Menu, and then tap Settings.
Scroll down the screen, and then tap Privacy > Factory data reset.
On the Factory data reset screen, tap Reset phone, and then tap Erase everything.
Using the phone buttons, with the phone turned off, press and hold the Volume Down button, and then briefly press the Power button.
Wait for the screen with the 3 Android images to appear, and then release the Volume Down button.
Press Volume Down to select Clear Storage, and then press Power.
Press Volume Up to start the factory reset.

What is a soft reset and how is it performed?
A soft reset basically resets the memory structure in the handheld. This recovers the device from memory conflicts, corrupted system service chains (mainly due to attempting hacks), memory leaks, and system lockups due to the "Fatal Exception" program errors.
To perform a soft reset, power the device off. Remove the battery for 10 seconds. Re-insert the battery and power the device on.

How can I lock the keys and screen of my device?
Tap the Power button to turn the screen off.

How do I zoom?
While browsing websites using the web browser, viewing an image in Albums, or using other applications that support zooming, you can use two fingers in a pinching motion to zoom in/out.