View Full Version : HTC Aria E-Mail and Messaging Questions

07-22-2010, 02:51 PM
What types of email does my device support?
This device supports POP, IMAP, and Microsoft Exchange email.

How many email accounts can my device support?
Ten accounts: one Exchange, one integrated Gmail, and eight other POP3/IMAP4 accounts.

How do I setup my Email?
From the Home screen, touch the Mail icon.

Select the account type (Exchange ActiveSync® or Other [POP3/IMAP]) and follow the onscreen prompts.

Note: Gmail has its own stub app and should be set up by going to the Applications tab and selecting Gmail. Once you have set up your Gmail account, you will automatically be signed into Market.

Can I set up more than one Gmail account on my device?
You can add more than one Google account on your device using the Mail application (the Gmail application only allows for one account to be set up). However, subsequent Google Accounts can only synchronize Gmail email and contacts. Other Google services, such as Android Market and Google Talk, use the first Google account you set up on the device.

How do I send a SMS from my device?
On the Home screen, touch Messages > New Message.

Touch in the To field to enter/select the recipient. Touch in the Tap to compose box to enter your message.

Touch Send when complete.

How do I send a MMS from my device?
Use the same steps as you would for SMS, but before touching Send, touch Menu > Attach and attach your media file.

Why are messages marked as read when checking my Exchange Server email?
Your Exchange Server may have settings, which by default, mark emails retrieved from your device as read. Please contact your system administrator to find out what settings your Exchange Server uses.

Why can't I view some attachments?
Some attachments may not be supported. This device does come with QuickOffice and a PDF Viewer for viewing Office Documents (including Office 2007) and supports a variety of file types. You may browse the Market to find programs that may support the file type you would like to view.

Can I add my signature when replying to emails on my device?
In Mail on your device, tap Menu > More > Settings > General Settings > Use Signature and check the box to enable this function. Next, touch Signature and customize. Once complete, select Save. Once you have set up this option, all outbound email from all accounts set up on your device will have this signature. Note: There is not an option to set a different signature from different accounts on your device.

How do I send a meeting request from my phone?

* Press Home, and then tap All Programs > Calendar.
* Press Menu > New event.
* Select your Google account (or one of your other Google calendars) or your Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync calendar.
* Enter the event name, time, location, and description, and then set the event reminders and repetition.
* Do one of the following:
o For a Google account calendar, tap the Guests box and then enter the email addresses of people you wish to invite. Separate multiple emails with a comma.
o For a Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync calendar, press Meeting invitation. Tap and choose attendees from your contacts or Company Directory, enter your message, and then tap Send. Tap Save to add the event to the calendar.

What do I need to do to set up access to my Yahoo! email on my device?
Yahoo! requires a subscription to their Yahoo! Mail Plus service in order to set access to this email on your device. Visit Yahoo! (http://www.yahoo.com) for further information.