View Full Version : HTC Aria micoSD Questions

07-22-2010, 03:00 PM
What is the maximum size storage card that my device can support?
This device can support up to a 32GB microSDHC storage card.

How can I access the storage card that is in my device to add/remove files from it?
With the storage card in the device, connect it to your PC using the data cable.
Once connected, on your device, open the Notifications screen and touch Select to change USB connection type. Select Disk Drive Mode and touch Done.
Next, on your PC, go to My Computer and you will see a listing for your device which is actually the SD card. Open that drive and make the desired changes.

Can I install applications to my microSD card?
Currently programs can only be installed on the device's internal storage.

I can't see pictures stored on my microSD card using Gallery?
To see pictures stored on your microSD card using Gallery: ensure your device is not mounted as a USB storage device. Open the Notifications panel (by touching and then dragging the status bar down) on your device, and then in the Notifications panel, touch Turn off USB storage > Turn Off.

How do I use the phone's storage card as a USB drive?
Connect the phone to the computer using the USB cable. Open the Notifications panel. In the Notifications panel, tap USB connected and then tap Mount. Note: You may also need to disable USB Debugging to get your PC to see the device as a disk drive.