View Full Version : HTC Aria Upgrade Questions - Answers

07-22-2010, 03:02 PM
Where can I find the latest software for my device?
The latest software for your device can be found by going to www.htc.com/us (http://www.htc.com/us) > Support > Select your device model and then the Downloads tab. Any new software that is intended for your device will be found here.

How can I see how much available memory my device has?
From the Home screen on your device, select Menu > Settings > SD Card & Phone Storage. Here you will see the storage details for you SD card as well as the devices internal memory.

How can I tell what version of software my device is running?
To see the version of software running on your device, from the Home screen select Menu > Settings.
Next select About Phone > Software Information to view the details.

How do I stop applications from running in the background?
You may browse the Market to find programs that will allow you to see which applications are running as well as giving you the ability to stop them.

How do I switch between running programs?
Press and hold the Home button to show the current running programs and then just touch the icon for the program you want to bring back into view.