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01-31-2011, 07:44 PM
Hello all, just wanted to share my findings/experience/opinion with you fine folks. I started my android journey off with a backflip, and was impressed. Yes, I said I was IMPRESSED WITH THE BACKFLIP. :) I came from iPhone and was blown away by the easy customization, etc for the little android. It didn't take long tho, for everyone's badmouthing it to get me interested in seeing a different device and just how much more I can do with it. Enter the captivate. Woohoo! Big beautiful screen, screaming fast processor, 16gb internal storage? As I said...woohoo! I liked it. A lot. Then I again see the badmouthing, and wonder what I can do to make it perform like everyone thinks it should. I discover the world of root. I also discover the world of custom roms. Even BIGGER woohoo! This thing now FLIES! These custom roms....awesome, the devs really do a great job and my phone is now an absolute BEAST! Wonderful...except....I always kinda had this thing about the ease and portability of a smaller phone. But....but....my captivate....it's so....so....BEASTLY....and the little android that I had my eye on was a measly 600mhz processor....it just can't compare, can't perform, can't satisfy my needs.....can it?

So now boys and girls, since I saw the inspire will drop soon, I decided to get an htc device, just to test the waters or whatever. The atrix? Meh, I'm sure it's awesome, but I want to try htc, so I burn an upgrade on none other than the aria. You know what? Out of the box I was in love. Period. This little device is absolute awesome crammed into a 3.2" screen Snappy? Why yes, yes it is. It truly is the coolest little phone I have ever had. It holds it's own against the juggernauts, and still manages to fit easily into any pocket I need it to. It is now rooted and running attn1's liberated rom, and I couldn't be happier! I really like sense, I really like how responsive this little guy is, and I am kicking myself for letting it slide for so long! Yes, it's small, but somehow I just don't care. The phone just WORKS. GPS is very fast, very accurate. Sure, I lost the 16gb internal, almost an inch off the screen, and some performance stuff, but honestly it runs EVERYTHING I want or need it to just as well as my captivate.

This post is aimed at anyone looking to get this phone but undecided because people tell you the specs are kinda bad. Ignore the specs. If you want a smaller phone, then just go get it. Period, end of story, this phone performs bigger then it's screen. Really wish I would have gave it a shot earlier. I like my captivate. A lot. But this little fella has won me over and I can't imagine what the inspire might be like with it's 2nd gen snapdragon with htc at the whell....and then the devs who cook for it later. ;) I find out about 2 months from now, but still....I somehow doubt I will be giving up my little ultra-portable buddy, the aria.

Sorry it was so long, I just had a lost to say :D

02-01-2011, 10:27 PM
I just wish i didn't sign a contract... i want the atrix so bad!!! wish i could find a work around to get it!!

02-09-2011, 12:26 AM
I say the Aria is underrated....
If people only knew the power of which it holds lol. HTC showed they can pack a punch in a small package.

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