View Full Version : Question-screen breakage

04-16-2011, 12:58 PM
I'm curious to how many owners of the HTC Aria have had issues with the screen cracking when opening the back to get to the battery? My son's first Aria was tight but still able to open without too much force but when he slipped on ice, the screen broke. ATT repaired it (has sticker inside so we know it wasn't replaced) but then was almost impossible to get the back off and after 2 weeks cracked in numerous directions. He was not prying it apart but doing what he had the few times he had removed the back before.
I am frustrated with the phone and feel it's a defect but haven't seen anyone post they have the same problem. I know it must be somewhat of a problem with all the Youtube videos showing how to get the back off in the first place. Just curious....doubt we will stick with the phone but we'll see.