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04-24-2011, 07:20 AM
Folks, I am way behind the technology power curve here. I posted this on the Atrix forum as well, hoping to reach some different people and answers here.
Got the new latest and greatest Atrix a few days ago. I wanted the "speak to text" and GPS features. However, I just don't know what this is capable of and why I would want all of that stuff.
I have a 160G ipod, so I don't plan on loading music.
Can I get rid of the music section of this phone completely?
I can surf the web, but why? I have a laptop.
I can see the use for some things, like GasBuddy or a nav system. I have no intention of using FB or any of the social sites. Can I remove them?
Why would I hook my phone to my computer?
Another poster told me about "side loading" from the internet to my computer. How?
Why do I need GMail?
I guess I am just really in the dark about the potential of this handheld computer and am overwhelmed a bit.
Also, I am currently in Africa, so there's not a lot of experimenting that I can do for the next month.

Any help, direction, links to the basics, etc, would be greatly appreciated.

I did see and saved the link to the users manual pdf, but it is too big for me to download with my current internet connection on the oil rig.

04-24-2011, 09:34 PM
Welcome here, too. I think you got your answers at Atrixforum.com, though.