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05-15-2011, 04:00 PM
I plan on doing a small write up of my initial thoughts of the phone comparing it to the HTC Infuse. So this thread will change.

By first thought, Great beautiful screen. I missed the AMOLED when I switch from Nexus One to Inspire so it's great to have that plus better depth in pixel.

AT&T opened the third party app options. WOOO HOOO that was big plus. No SWM or pushing apps to the phone anymore

I hate Touch Wiz so this will be overlayed most likely with Launcher Pro

The speed compared to Inspire is not much of a difference.

Feel plastic. Hopefully I get over that w/ the Aluminum heavy feel of the Inspire that I love.

So when I get more in depth I'll cover my test speeds, GPS, overall functionality of the phone, and personal opinions.

Be back later.

*see third post below for review*

05-15-2011, 05:33 PM
Im waiting for some custom roms!

05-15-2011, 06:44 PM
Alright so here are some of my opinions about this phone and I'll try to cover what I can think of since I'm no blog writer or anything.

So let me start with some of the hardware of this phone that I would like to point out first. The screen of course is a 4.5 Super Amoled Plus screen. If you are familiar with AMOLED you know the screen is very vibrant in color and to some is actually over saturated. I personally have grown to and love AMOLED screens. It's rich colors looks great when looking at pics that are colorful. It's obviously a huge difference when compared to LCD screen. Although I like the HTC Inspire screen, the Infuse simply makes the Inspire screen look faded.

The screen of the Infuse is very responsive and I have yet to notice any type of lag with the 1.2 Ghz Hummingbird processor, making flipping through screen and pulling down the notification and app drawer a breeze. However I don't really see much of a difference when compared to the Inspire. Very nicely done.

In the past, I hated the GPS lag time to connect on my Samsung Tablet and was concerned that they would not fix that issue on the Infuse. It's good to know my fear is been wiped cleaned. In doors it took a little over 5-7 seconds to connect and since then has connected with ease with as little at some times taking 1-2 seconds to connect. Plus for me.

I haven't yet checked out the bluetooth, but I do hope it's better than the Inspire. And this could just be a personal defect in my inspire but for some reason my bluetooth would mess up if I simply touched the upper left corner of the phone. A reminder of the iPhone's touch of death with their antennae, only with my bluetooth. Weirdest thing, even with a cover on it. So I only hope and sure that the Infuse won't have this problem.

I have always been a negative person of phones made of plastic, and the exception does not exist for the Infuse for me either. I was a bit bummed to see how cheaply the plastic is on the phone. To easy to get micro scratch and simply makes a phone feel cheap. And I have to be honest, for me the phone feels, well......cheap. Thank goodness it does have a battery cover though, as if I'm not mistaken the Nexus S didn't have a cover. However, the cover is VERY flimsy, much worse than the door for the battery cover of the Inspire. You have to literally snap it off at certain points and if you are not careful, it can break rather easy. I mean it's a very very thin cover. It does have a nice black metallic color for the case, but it's covered by a Body Glove case so I won't get to enjoy it's look anyways. Probably the only positive thing about this plastic is that it makes the phone extremly light. Coming from the Inspire and it's beautiful heavy aluminum case, makes me want to tell Samsung to stop being cheap. But that for me is a very minimal negative and no where near a deal breaker for me. But I do perfer a much sturdier, solid feel of a phone. Always had since the Nokia e7 (brilliant phone. NOKIA MAKE ANDROID PHONES!)

Speaker is very loud. Much louder than the Inspire. I can hear the song more in depth and that's a plus for me as well. Inspire sometimes I would have to cup my hand to hear the speaker. It's located at the bottom back of the Infuse.

My initial thought of the camera is it's very sharp, but I want to test it more in darker light to see if it will produce a yellow tint with the flash. Something I often hated with the Inspire. So I won't spend any time on the camera, but it's nice and the front camera, well it is what it is. I mean it's not bad, but it's better than the front lens on the Samsung Tablet. However, I have yet to find an Android phone whose front camera has the same or better quality of the iPhone 4 or iPod 4's FFC. It doesn't compare (iHate saying it).

I'm sure people are wondering about the call quality. LOL truth is, so am I. Imagine that. A phone that hasn't made a call yet........

It is running 2.2.1. I would like to see 2.3 but I won't hold my breath as Samsung has a habit of holding out on updates to push newer phones like the GS2. They delayed GS users for months with the release of 2.2 for their phone, and honestly they do not update their phones anywhere near the way HTC does, something I hope I don't regret and will just root it if necessary. Hopefully that will change, but who knows. It is running Touch Wiz 3.0. Blah blah and Blah. Overlayed it with Launcher Pro. Sense 2.0 for Inspire was so much better. It was the first time I never overlayed a mfr's UI. But Touch........ugh.

AT&T and Samsung did a pretty decent job on the bloatware for the phone. It's not too too much. Inspire probably had one or two more apps more than the Infuse, but it's once again a minor irritant for me, especially since with Launcher Pro I can at the least hide the icon and not have to look at them. I am also happy to say that ATT has FINALLY withdrew it's hold on blocking out 3rd party apps on Android phones. The option for 3rd Party apps EXIST. That was a very wonderful thing to see. It would seem that AT&T is finally starting to understand it's customer's frustration and being locked down to just the Android market. No more side loading, well except for the Inspire. Hopefully an update will be coming soon for that. I downloaded the Amazon App store and viola.



Nuff Said.

One thing I thought was odd is that they removed the Stay Awake option when the phone is plugged in. Why? I'm a bit baffled by that as I like to use that when in my car or simply plugged in. So that kind of bothered me as I don't want to have to hit power and put in my code every time. Hopefully there's a work around for me and think that will be with using the Power Widget that I downloaded from the app store. So I'll cross finger on that.

My quandrant speed from initial test was pretty low. And that could be I had so much running, but compared to the Inspire's initial test, the Infuse was bad, but I know quandrant don't really mean anything as the speed of the phone and processing begs to differ the quandrant findings. I personally never rely on the benchmark tests as they never really prove anything and can manipulated so easy

Okay so overall, this phone is great. Not much a step above the Inspire as the Inspire is not to be taken for granted and is still every bit a wonderful and powerful phone. Although I hate the plastic feel, I love every aspect of it's power. I already bought accessories and AT&T does sell a dock and navigation dock for the phone. I bought the desk dock and will review that at a later time. It's feels solid in the hand, meaning it doesn't feel to big to be uncomfortable to dropping the phone easily because of it's size. It's really not to much taller than the Inspire and it lives up to it's thinnest. Samsung was nice enough to include a USB Plug and wall adapter, very nice headphones and a plug adapter for HDMI.

I hope this review helps people decision about the phone. Once again I'm no professional when writing and this probably is my first review ever that I have written, so please excuse any mistypes or information that I might have left out or put incorrectly or misleading. Check out the phone. Get a feel and see if it's what you like.

IMO 4.5 out of 5 for the Samsung Infuse 4g. Good job Samsung.

05-19-2011, 11:48 AM
How did you get the screen capture you posted? I also have the Infuse 4G, and would like to post a thorough review as well, but wanted to include a screen cap or two of my speed tests. I haven't found an app that will work on a non rooted phone.

Overall, I should say I am extremely pleased with the phone.


05-20-2011, 11:36 AM
I got the screen capture through the sdk (tools- DDMS). There's no program unless you root then you can get drocap2 from the market.

I haven't rooted (yet) so I had to do it the old fashion way.

Maybe another way you could do it is hook up the HDMI to your computer (if able to) and do a print screen capture from the computer.

05-20-2011, 11:44 AM
Since I've had the phone for a good couple of days now I have noticed some qwirks in the software.

There's no option to set the notification volume to the ringer volume, something I guess Samsung doesn't do on their phone cause it's not on my Tablet as well. That's an annoyance for me having to go into setting just to adjust the notification.

Sometimes I have problems auto connecting to wifi and bluetooth. Sometimes I have to either connect the bluetooth manually or turn on/off wifi to get it to reestablish connection

Stock browser can get laggy sometime. It actually froze my computer once and had to reboot it holding down the power button. Something my Tablet would do as well. Just started using Dolphin now as default.

I had my notification ringtone and ringtone go back to default when I connect USB and turned on as mass storage. When the SD card was reestablished it didn't reset my ringtone. I didn't reboot to see if it would set it back.

When plugging into my car charger, I have to power on the phone for it to recognize the usb charger.

Other than those things, I'm quite pleased with the phone. But I find the HTC Inspire software to be bettered structured than the Infuse.

06-02-2011, 01:01 PM
I think once some custom ROM's become available for this device, like MIUI or straight CM7 that you'll find yourself LOVING the phone in a way that only a custom ROM can make you love these Samsung phones. The hardware is fantastic, but it's a slap in the face to the consumer to lock out the capabilities of even the JV* builds of Gingerbread by releasing these devices with freaking Froyo. Froyo is so completely outdated now it's a wonder that AT&T had the balls to try to shove this down the consumers throat yet again in a phone that is capable of so much more than what these 2.2.* builds are capable of delivering. My .02.

06-02-2011, 01:38 PM
The phone I'm sure will receive Gingerbread. Try to remember that it takes more than a couple of weeks/months to develop and release a new phone. Part of the problem is Google's frequent release schedule. Maybe this'll slow down some since it looks like there will be more time between Gingerbread and the next version of Android.