View Full Version : Bravo GPS no lock

09-20-2011, 10:07 AM
Hello everyone,

I just got a Bravo a few days ago and apparently the gps isn't working. I tried the installed apps, Lattitude, Navagation, and Maps, and couldn't get the phone to accurately tell me where I was or to show me on the map in the correct place.

I downloaded a few more programs, Gps Test, CoPilot Live, and Gps Status, and also Google Sky Map. None of these will "lock" onto the satellites. The Gps Test and Gps Status will show that they see some of the Sats but never lock on. also on the Motorola Widgets the one that shows the on/off for the gps stays a red color when I use it to turn the gps function on. Everything esle (wifi, ... ) turns green to show they are on.

Is there anything in the settings that I should make sure of before I get in contact with Motorola about the warrenty?

Thanks, Randy

11-05-2011, 03:35 PM
My Bravo used to get GPS lock, but for the last few days, it stopped working. I've verified that the GPS is enabled, re-booted phone, even removed battery and re-inserted. No joy.