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01-27-2012, 10:18 PM

Welcome to the WCX ILLUMINATI SERIES AT&T Inspire 4G ROM's

This build from the WCX Illuminati Team is dedicated to those who use the Inspire 4G. Everything for the AT&T version of this device is pre-configured for AT&T, there's no need for any gps fixes,mms fixes,sound fixes,internet fixes etc., it's good to go from the get go...just install the ROM.

We always recommend when first installing these ROM's to reboot the device a few times to ensure everything settles in real nice prior to usage/customisations. We have kept the stock rom look for enthusiasts looking to theme or customise their phone the way they want it.

We have included most all stock apps and utilities people use on these devices, and have left out things available in other ROMS that we feel most users will never use or can install themselves The device has tons of storage for those that want them.

What we've created is a very fast, sleek, customisable and finger friendly ROM. It's been tested very thoroughly before release, there were zero claims of SOD's or anything not working.
One note to new users...this rom uses the stock recovery in order to have charging animation....in order to flash mods etc., you will need to download and flash latest version from CWM, but then you will loose charging animation....Be carefull adding scripts, the rom is already scripted for undervolting and battery life,other scripts may impact the way the rom performs.
(You can return the charging animation by booting back into regular recovery and flashing this (http://forum.xda-developers.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=799127&d=1322587808) to get the charging animation back after your mods Thanks homeslice)
================================================== ========================================
There are four types of builds available:

ALL Builds are stock on the outside and tailored specificly for AT&T

Suggested Radio to match RIL cooked into the ROM's located here:
Radio: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/15595851/Radio - Ril/12.39a.60.19_26.06.06.30_M/PD98IMG.zip (http://dl.dropbox.com/u/15595851/Radio%20-%20Ril/12.39a.60.19_26.06.06.30_M/PD98IMG.zip)

Stock kernel and 3.0 Sense Based on 3.12.405.1 (Tweaked to the max of kernel allowance) Advanced shut down menu mod,5 bar h+ mod included.


3.0 Sense Based on 3.12.405.1 with EXT4 support (Quicksall Rcmix kernel v11.1 v2.0)overclocked to 1536 by default. Advanced shut down menu mod,5 bar h+ mod included.


3.5 Sense Based on 1.11.1113.1 (Quicksall Rcmix kernel v11.1 v2.0)overclocked to 1536 by default. Advanced shut down menu mod,5 bar h+ mod included.


3.5 Sense Based on 1.22.462.2 (Quicksall Rcmix kernel v12 )overclocked to 1536 by default. Advanced shut down menu mod,5 bar h+ mod included.


Updated 01-27-2012 12:22 a.m. est.


Thanks to the following for Helping make things possible:

Klquicksall for his kernel
Robocik & CapyChimp for their port which enabled us to release this rom
Lyapota for working Beats Audio w/ SRS & Dolby/APM Mod
Dsixda for his Kitchen
HTC for The Original Rom
Fshami for allowing me to take over his rom thread for the at&t users
PVTeam for 3.5 support
mike9186 for answering my stupid questions
All the other devs who released fixes,scripts etc.....Too many to list...

My beta team,without these guys these wouldn't be possible...So if you like the rom's give a thanks to them also






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