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02-28-2012, 09:12 PM
With the advent of smart phones, I personally do NOT see the point of the new Sony Vita dedicated gaming device. I am very interested to see if this device flops or not.

Now here is where I am coming from:

I had a Sega Game Gear when it launched (of couse I didn't drive yet so I could use it when traveling)
I bought a Game Boy Advance just before graduating collage that I played a lot while unemployed fresh out of school. but, most of the time I played at home so the whole portability thing was lost. The big plus for me was the games were a lot cheaper and I didn't have to monopolize a TV to play. Next, a few years later I bought a PSP when my computer went on the fritz and wouldn't play my PC games. I did play it a lot at first or when ever I got a new game but it sat in a drawer more often than not. When I used to go on business trips I started using it a lot more to play games and browse the web since I had no laptop. BUT, once I got my Droid I totally stopped using it. Now that I have my Xperia Play there really is no point, at least for me.

Just wondering if anyone else has similar experience and thoughts on the Vita. I know what they say, this device is for the "hardcore gamer". Well, I know a lot of self claimed hardcore gamers and NONE are interested in my Xperia Play. They say Xbox 360 or PS3, they really don't even bother with games on their smart phone aka don't see the point. So that would mean Sony needs to find hardcore gamers into handheld gaming.

02-29-2012, 06:59 AM
I more or less agree. with having a PS3 at home and Xperia Play for travelling there doesn't seem to be much point buying one at the moment.

That said Sony are saying they learnt from the PSP mistakes and are fully commited to making the Vita desirable with a host of future AAA games in the pipeline.

I would love one just for Wipeout 2048 but I'm still going through Wipeout Fury so can't see the point in spending on a Vita at present.

03-07-2012, 06:14 AM
With getting an Xperia Play I don't really see the point. I have 2 laptops at home I can use for gaming, and my xplay for every time else. I think if Sony dropped the dedicated gaming devices, and focused on say an Xperia Play 2 it would make much more sense. Even when I had my amazingly crappy Ally I used it for games, and never looked back to my PSP, Gameboy Advance, SP, OG, or any other portable system I had. I even had an attachable screen for my Xbox. The convenience of having a gaming device in your smartphone is too much to overcome.