View Full Version : MyTouch Over Heated????

07-05-2012, 12:50 AM
I have a regular MyTouch 4g Slide. Its been in my pocket all day. I finally went to take it out and it was acting weird. At first my screen was half working, I could only touch certain spots, then i turned off my screen and turned it back on. My screen started back to working but my hardware buttons were constantly lighting up. So I took off the case, it stays in its case at all times, and removed the battery. Upon re-inserting the battery I noticed my trackpad had a slight red glow which I've never seen before. Anyway after waiting a long time for it to reboot it loaded but...only my screen works. Even my notification light isnt lighting up when I get a text or when I put the phone on charger. The only thing that I can think happened is it over heated but even after I let it cool down the buttons still wont respond. All i can do is turn it on & use the screen. I put into the boot loader (holding down power, volume down and home) and was able to navigate that perfectly fine so now I'm really lost. Any help??? Sorry if any of this is confusing.