View Full Version : Black Screen of Death HTC Evo 3D Please Help Me

07-06-2012, 06:56 PM
hey guys i have the htc evo 3d rooted and unfortunately i have been hit with the bsod(black screen of death)onty the bottom buttons come on and the rest of the screen remains black(hence the name)plz plz help me

a few days back my battery went down to zero and the orange light was blinking finally it caught a charge and started charging a few hours later i switched it on and thats when i saw dum dum dum duuum!!the black screen of death plz help me i really like the rest of the human race cannot live without my phone oh ya and its cdma and warranty is not an option as the phone is not from my country.

p.s-sry im new to these forums if i have offended someone or done something wrong plz lemme know