View Full Version : Android to Apple TV?

07-11-2012, 05:07 PM
I suppose this question is about video, since that's mainly what I'm trying to stream. Let me explain…

I live in a mixed house, meaning that we've got an Android phone and numerous iDevices, including Apple TV. Ever since I got my new Galaxy S III with AT&T, I've been looking for a reliable way to stream from my Android phone to our big-screen via the Apple TV. I've discovered just one app that does this — doubleTwist with the AirSync/AirTwist module — and, while I realize that the very existence of this app is kind of miraculous, I'm greedy enough to want more. Every time you turn AirTwist on, getting it to play nice with your Apple TV is a new experiment. I turn it on in the settings, I click the button for "manual recognition" just for good measure, reboot the phone-- then reboot the Apple TV-- and repeat until the video actually shows up on my TV.

My questions are:

1. Is there some trick that I'm not using that will get AirTwist performing more reliably?
2. Is there an alternative app that I don't know about?

Thanks very much!