View Full Version : can not display listview data on Tablet device ?

07-13-2012, 04:22 AM
Hi everyone, I have a problem, I running a webservice (vs C# 2010 with Sql Server) and data load from webservice to listview is OK on emulator device, like this image
http://no8.upanh.com/b6.s29.d4/cc867192e70d895da5764bbefea9767f_47114198.untitled .png

but can not display on Tablet 7" device, just a black screen and nothing else,

http://no4.upanh.com/b1.s1.d4/52fb722a168e663357db0ddb51c69eed_47169564.untitled .png

how can I fix this problem, please help, thanks for reading.

this is source: mediafire.com/?j71444jnj4smuvb