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07-29-2012, 11:39 PM
Hi All
First off sorry if I have posted this into the wrong forum.
I have a weird thing going on with my EVO 3D it started about 10 days ago.
I had just tried to download firefox and watched it install but when I went to
open the browser I couldn't find it anyway I search my fone and came up wit
zip nudda nix, so I downloaded it again and watched it install again and again
nothin to be found??

Ok so thats strange I thought, but after that I noticed that I couldnt pull down
my notification bar. So I restarted my fone but no change the bar still wouldnt
pull down. I then thought I should take the battery out for 20mins (I read it on HTC)
to see what happens, still no change.

I've found that if I open an app I can pull down the bar in landscape view but
not in portrait. I've been back to the store where I bought the fone and they
looked dumbfounded by it and told me to factory reset it. I went home and did
just that after saving my contacts and fotos to a new gmail acc. However the
reset did nothing so I then sort more help via the net and searched HTC again
for answers but nothing like my issue to be found. I stumbled then onto this
forum, so I joined up and like something weird again the bloody bar is working
normal although nothing had been done at all to my fone??

Unfortunately this was short lived (about 6 hours) when it decided to go back to
not working again. I notice when I use my camera (in landscape) that I am unable
to zoom as the zoom sits where the bar is normally. I thought perhaps my screen
is slowly dieing as I read again of a similar issue where the person was told that
the top quarter inch of the screen had died and needed to replace the screen,
but the fone is only 6 months old?? Lastly my fone is stock standard I have not
rooted it or done anything untoward to it such as throw it across the room or drop it.

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can shine on this...:o

08-12-2012, 08:28 PM
Hi all
Just letting you all know that my screen had died. HTC repaired in 5 days & all's fine. Tip I found a diagnostic program on the fine which helped me nail my issue. You may wish to try it out first urselfs too
Cheers :)

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