View Full Version : Pictures Sent Through Text Messaging Won't Download... Very Frustrating!

08-03-2012, 10:18 AM
I have not been able to receive picture messages for a couple of weeks now. I called ATT and they said to turn off my phone and remove the battery and SIM card for about 5 min. I did this and could receive pic's for about 5 min and then it started all over again. When I receive a picture text it says "Message size: ## KB" then lists an expiration date and then there is a download button. When I click the download button my H+ signal immediately goes from the color blue to black. and then it will try to download and within about 30 secs I get a message that says download failed... sometimes it doesnt even send me a message, it will just stop trying to download. It has to be something wrong with the settings on my phone but according to other forums I've read the settings are correct (Access point name is "AT&T US HSDPA" with APN protocol "IPv4" and my data is enabled as well as my background data is enabled).

Also a few weeks ago before I got this problem when someone would send me a picture though text it would just load on its own. I would never have to click a "download" button in my message...

Please help this is very annoying. Thanks all.