View Full Version : Help needed with android update, social.widget and battery dying. Help!!!!

08-19-2012, 09:14 AM
Hi!! Am new here, and so glad I googled android.net. Have to say, I thought I knew quite a bit about android etc, but just realised am actually completely ignorant!!! I require some help on how to make sure my social widget works? I try logging into facebook from it but it does not work. The facebook one is no good as its so small. I want it on my home screen but it does not seem to work. Anyone have those issues? Also, my battery does not seem to last more.than.a couple.of hours! This is not related to how much I use the phone as it happens even when am sleeping. I dont know if just buying a new battery would help or if somethibg else could be wrong with it? And lastly, I currently have android 2.2 and am on 3, how can I update my android version? It won't let me go into update software in settings! Would really appreciate some help. Thanks

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