View Full Version : Taking Steps Backwards

08-23-2012, 01:43 AM
I have a Samsung Galaxy Note
It was Just Fine and I was Happy with it

I was notified of a FIRMWARE UPDATE
as it was FIRMWARE I naturally thought it was from Samsung to fix any bugs / problems
after the update was installed the phone works Differently
I had New apps I did NOT want and can NOT remove
I can not easily change between e-mail folders
and with S-Planner I had events set for Every TWO weeks
Now the option for every TWO weeks has been Removed

I contacted Samsung to complain
they have informed me they ONLY provide the phone hardware
and Android by Google provide all the apps and firmware

The ability to set events Every TWO weeks
was one of the options that attracted me to the Galaxy Note instead of some of the alternatives
Only a total retard would make new versions of apps
and change firmware that it has less options than older versions

And WHY are apps being put in my phone without my knowledge or permission
I should be asked to accept or decline the additional apps
and I should be able to DELETE Any Apps that I do NOT want

The people at android are a bunch of retarded dictators