View Full Version : 6000mah and 3200mAh Extended Battery Cases for HTC One X

08-23-2012, 02:16 PM
I've found these cases and would like to ask if anyone has used them already? Is it a good device?
6000mAh (http://www.mugen-power-batteries.com/mugen-power-6000mah-battery-case-for-htc-one-x.html#)

3200mAh (http://www.mugen-power-batteries.com/htc/htc-one-x/mugen-power-3200mah-battery-case-for-htc-one-x.html)

10-14-2012, 09:07 AM
Does these battery packs replace the battery on the One X or just piggy back on the pathetic small battery shipped with the phone as standard?

I can't make this out from the web page or pictures?

EDIT: Looking closer at the picture I see it. The battery back connect to the Car Dock connectors at the back of the phone.
Thus; the 6Ah pack from MUGEN Power comes in addition to the 1.8Ah built into the HTC One X.
So 7.8Ah in total. Whow, now we're talking power ...

Like GarageDroid great to hearif anyone has tried these PowerPacks ...

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