I want to show fixed number of images (say 3) always in the first page of my app, like a gallery. Using a timer I download new image every minute. This image should slide in from right moving the existing images to the left. This means the first image disappears from the screen, new image appears as the last. Its better if the disappeared image gets disposed. Users cant scroll and see the previous images, they just see 3, unless its not animating.


  1. I want the images to adapt to the screen size so that for any screen size I can show 3 images always.
  2. I tried using Horizontal scroll view, although I can add views, I could not find a way to remove the disappeared view while maintaining proper scroll locations.
  3. I tired using fragment animations, but it looks bit heavy, and because the applications work with fragments as pages, image animation happens when I move from one page to the other.

whats the best way to do this. Is using animations the better way?