We are using Verizon phones in one of the Arab countries, and for this we need to change the language of the phone, so what usually is done: for example if i am using Samsung Galaxy S4 (SCH-i545) with android 5.0.1.
-phone is rooted with Kingo Root.
- Root explorer is installed on the phone.
- Setting System file is copied to the PC in order to change it's string values from EN to AR.
- The Setting system file is copied as SecSettings.apk to the PC.
- If for example the secsettings.apk is compiled and then recompiled only without changing it's string values and copied back to the phone.
- The Setting system file disappears from the phone, showing that the phone rejected the secsettings.apk that was compiled and then recompiled.

This is was a serious issue which blocked our progress in translating the english language to arabic language.
I would like to have the help from one of the expertise especially this is was the main issue.
I hope this was the right place for placing this post, unless the moderator can change the place of the post.
Looking forward to have help for this issue.