I want to develop an app to use with my car.
Of course I can't develop the app sitting in the car with the engine on, so I need a virtual environment.
Reading around I've found a simulator, OBDSim.
The documentation of OBDSim says to install a virtual COM ports driver, com0com, which years ago was free, but now it costs about 100$, I will not publish or sell this app, that's just to try something new.
In addition, the new versions of com0com doesn't call anymore the virtual com ports as OBDSim expects (it is not updated from years), so it wouldn't probably work.

Is any of you developing an app which communicates with an OBD2 device and can tell me what do I need to have a working environment do develop such an app?

I use and prefer Windows 10, but if needed I could use Linux as OS.