Hey guys, please help me with the "connect()" method in "java.net.socket()" class, I'm just wondering why there is no SocketTimeoutException, however it actully throws such an exception?

Have they truly forgot to add the "SocketTimeoutException" for this method? or wut??

here is it:
Socket | Android Developers, int)

however in the jdk:
DocWeb - Java API SE 6/java.net.Socket/columnMain

connect(SocketAddress endpoint, int timeout) throws IOException
Connects this socket to the server with a specified timeout value. A timeout of zero is interpreted as an infinite timeout. The connection will then block until established or an error occurs.
endpoint the SocketAddress
timeout the timeout value to be used in milliseconds.
Throws IOException: if an error occurs during the connection
Throws SocketTimeoutException: if timeout expires before connecting
Throws java.nio.channels.IllegalBlockingModeException: if this socket has an associated channel, and the channel is in non-blocking mode
Throws IllegalArgumentException: if endpoint is null or is a SocketAddress subclass not supported by this socket
since 1.4
spec JSR-51