I have been working on calling a simple web service in html5 from Android Browser(Android 2.2). Its not working on Android browser. But, it works if i run it on a PC. Nothing happens when i click the button. I have been on net for couple of weeks now. But, didn't get anything to work. Below is the code of the html page. please help.

<script language="JavaScript">
function InitializeService(){

var StrYear, StrMonth, StrDay;
function GetAge(){
StrYear = document.DemoForm.StringYear.value;
StrMonth = document.DemoForm.StringMonth.value;
StrDay = document.DemoForm.StringDay.value;
service.GetAgeService.callService("GetAge", StrYear, StrMonth, StrDay);
function ShowResult(){
<body onload="InitializeService()" id="service"
style="behavior:url(webservice.htc)" onresult="ShowResult()">
<form name="DemoForm">
Year : <input type="text" name="StringYear"/>
Month : <input type="text" name="StringMonth"/>
Day : <input type="text" name="StringDay"/>
<button onclick="GetAge()">Get Age</button>