I'm on a youtube channel (TheNewBoston) trying to follow a 200 lesson series on Android development when all I want to know first is if my app idea is possible. I want to make an app for mass texting to a small group probably under 100 people at any given time. I don't need any of that short code stuff, actually I'd like to use my GV# since that's a free long code. Right now what I do is I use GV & the Gmail workaround (if you don't know what that is you can ask me or google it) but it is a long and tedious process due to the fluctuation of subscribers. I need the keywords capability too, which GV does not provide which led me to think about making an app. I would also like to have people added to the list automatically via keyword. I will be sending out 10-20 or so bursts a month from my AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II. I'm obviously getting pretty desperate... any help, questions, or advice?