Hello everyone, I own LG G2 device with Android 4.4 KitKat rooted by AutoRec. (rooted since last year immediately after this method released).
recently an app named KingRoot have been added to my device and a few days later I noticed my root stopped working, Which did not bothered me so much at this time, until i decided to upgraded the OS to Android 5..
As we all know there is a need to backup your phone before playing with firmware and system files (Custem recovery is installed on the device), but duo to the problem of the lack on permissions I do not know if Nandroid backup is going to work.
This issue brings me to two questions:
Is there a way to fix my Root ?
Is it safe to make a nandroid backup without Root permissions ? and if the answer to this question is no, is there any kind of a backup method that can work without root permissions?
Thanks in advance