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Price: The price you pay for Ensquared Phone Insurance is considerably less than that of replacing your Android smartphone.

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Real Insurance: Ensquared Phone Insurance is not an extended warranty package- it’s licensed insurance protection valid for all states in the USA. We offer Lost, Stolen & accidental damage protection.

Underwriter Backed: Ensquared Phone Insurance is underwritten by Fortegra Financial (an A.M. Best rated company).

Claims Centre: Price is once thing but when it comes to claims Ensquared Insurance is serviced by claims operator, Global Warranty Group a recognized leading developer, marketer and administrator of Product Warranty (OEM) and Extended Service Contract Programs (ESC) through a wide variety of industries.

Online: Buy online through a simple process- with the most efficient and ease of use sign up process on the Internet allowing for online account management including cancellation and upgrades.

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Money Back Guarantee: We so confident that you will love our product that we offer you a 15-day money back guarantee across all our products.

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