How do I access the phone function on the device?
From the Home screen, touch the Phone soft key at the bottom of the screen.

How can I quickly switch to speakerphone?
While on the call, there will be an onscreen button to enable/disable speakerphone.

How do I answer call waiting?
While on an active call, when a second call comes in, the incoming call screen will appear giving you the option to answer or decline the call. If you select Answer, the first call will be placed on hold while you accept the second. To switch between the calls, simply touch on the call you want to go to and the other call is placed on hold.

How can I put a call on mute?
While on the call, there will be an onscreen button to enable/disable mute.

How can I make a conference call?
Establish the first call. Once connected, press Menu > Add Call. Dial the second call and touch Call, and the first call is placed on hold. Once connected on the second call, touch Menu > Merge Calls.

How can I adjust my in-call volume?
While on an active call, press the Volume Up/Volume Down button on the left side of the device to adjust the in-call volume. Note: This option is only available while on an active call.

How do I link a contact to Facebook?
In the contacts menu, select any non-SIM contact. Slide to Updates and Events > tap Link Facebook Profile. Was this helpful? Yes | No

How do I turn the phone function on and off?
A way to turn off the phone function is to switch your phone to Airplane mode. When you enable Airplane mode, all wireless radios on your phone are turned off, including the phone function, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. Press Home > Menu, and then tap Settings > Wireless & networks.

How do I setup My contact card?
My contact card provides a convenient way to store your personal contact information so that you can easily send it via MMS. In addition, you can log in to your Facebook and Flickr accounts to receive notifications of your contacts' updates and events. On the All tab of the People screen, tap My contact card, and then press Menu > Edit. Make the desired changes and touch Save.

My device shows “No Service” but I know that there is coverage at my location.
The antenna for this device is embedded in the battery cover. If the battery cover is not installed correctly, securely affixed, or if it has been damaged, this could be the cause of the device not picking up on a signal.