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Thread: T-Mobile PrePaid plans

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    T-Mobile PrePaid plans

    Hello all,

    I did not find this topic started already....

    I currently have the first LG Chocolate and desperately need to get with the times. My choices of a new phone were the Aria and Xperia X10. I'm choosing the Aria.

    Because my cell-phone experience is limited to Verizon and their CDMA devices, I have a few questions regarding SIM cards.

    I have read up on unlocking the Aria by having to get its unlock code (on-line ~ $20).
    I'm O.K. with this part.
    I also understand unlocking and rooting the device are two seperate things.

    1) Should one be done before the other?

    2) When unlocking with a different carrier's SIM card, I want to use T-Mobile's $30 PrePaid plan. Is this possible? (I've read many differing opinions)

    4) If it IS NOT possible, please recommend a suitable alternative for no contract.

    3) If it IS possible, and because I'm unsure of SIM cards and putting one in a new phone, how do I 'activate' it with the phone so I may begin the wonders of texting.

    Basically, I want the Aria working with T-Mobile's $30 PrePaid plan to talk, text, and in the rare case, be able to check my e-mail or MMS/Skype with people.

    I would appreciate any in-depth responses on procedures, or links that will best explain my questions. I think it's time I left Verizon and joined the club of awesomeness!

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    Welcome to the forums!

    With a choice between the Aria or the Xperia, they're both great phones. The Xperia has the better hardware, but the Aria has the better software... but you should be very happy with the Aria, it's a great phone!

    Depending on how you get the Aria, you can just get AT&T to give you the unlock code, and spare yourself $20.

    What will happen (after you get the unlock code) is just pop in the T-Mobile SIM and upon boot-up Android will ask for a SIM Unlock Code. If entered properly, you shouldn't have any issues whatsoever using a T-Mobile prepaid plan. The only thing to watch out for is that Android uses data all the time, for random things like checking for app updates or checking for Android System updates... so you may want to get an app that can turn off your mobile data and just use WiFi.

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    Thanks Dorian

    Are there any apps you would recommend for turning off said mobile data?

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    Also note u will not have AT&Ts 3G service using T-Mobile sim so I am not sure how well Skype will work

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