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  • AT&T Apps removed
  • No Wireless Tether until it works
  • Deleted AT&T splash screen & Noises
  • Google search is now default home page (B003 version)
  • Haven't figured out how to make patch for untrusted appl installation part of dist yet. In the meantime, push the one posted.
  • Rooted with superuser and busybox
  • No wipe required if you are coming from a stock ROM.

Apps Removed:
  • ATT_Maps.apk
  • ATT_Navigator.apk
  • AndroidMusic.apk
  • FamilyMapWapLauncher.apk
  • GMC_YPMobile.apk
  • MobileBanking.apk
  • MobiTV.apk
  • MobileVideo.apk & MobileVideo.odex
  • WHERE.apk
  • WISPr_HTC.apk

If you prefer, the shipping ROM has been Rooted, superuser & busybox added and you can install that instead, removing apps on your own. This ROM is exactly what came on the phone, except that it is properly rooted.

Install either from Clockwork Recovery.

Once clockwork is loaded,

  • Do a nandroid backup to preserve your current rom
  • Install zip from sdcard
  • Go install clockwork recovery if you haven't already,.

(HTC Boot theme, AT&T apps removed, Google Search default web page)
MD5: 2d7a3aeb8ebe2c33247897be7ef22740
(Stock with ROOT, AT&T Boot theme & Apps)
MD5: af56f22d24e4dcc4b205cf9bb3bc9ba1