[ROM] ATTDROIDS Aria Android 2.1 Sense UI updated 8/18/2010

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Thread: [ROM] ATTDROIDS Aria Android 2.1 Sense UI updated 8/18/2010

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    [ROM] ATTDROIDS Aria Android 2.1 Sense UI updated 8/18/2010

    This is just kind of a hobby ROM based off of the rooted stock ROM made by attn1.
    I did this because it is a hobby ROM and i wanted to start from as close to scratch as i could.The Super User application and binary have been updated to version 2.2.2 and has bash and nano text editor built in as well as busybox.There are a few applications cooked in.

    Drocap2(By Tatsuo Nagamatsu)-Allows you to take screenshots on rooted ROMs.

    TA Utility(By Costa Mikhael)-Moves cache of the browser,Market,Google Maps,Street View and Gmail to SD card.

    Erase Market History(By CMGTEK)-Erases market search history and can also disable it

    ROM Manager(standard)( By Clockwork Mod)-Update clockwork recovery,reboot into recovery,install ROM on SD card,manage and restore backups,fix permissions,partition SD card(not usable yet),flash alternate recovery(not usable yet),all versions of clockworkMod recoveries.Other functions available in premium,so please consider upgrading!

    Terminal(By Jack Palevich)-Linux terminal emulator for android.

    APK Manager(By Magma Mobile)-Install APK files on SD card.

    AndRootFile(By Fonter)-Brows,copy,delete,move files with root permissions.

    VizBattery(By Jeremiah)-Shows battery percentage through a widget for you're homescreen

    Other standard HTC and Android apps.

    All aditional applications that i have added can be removed.No bloat in this rom im not AT&T =P.

    Added wallpaper to replace AT&T wallpaper under HTC Wallpapers.

    That is about it for now,I am trying to get APPS2SD working but until i do hopefully the TA Utility app will hold you over.

    Please go easy on me this is my first android ROM =)

    attn1's method to enable sideloading on the HTC Aria
    xda-developers - View Single Post - Rooted, can I now sideload?

    Check this out to learn how to enable the option even though there is no option in the settings menu!

    Please post any bugs and/or requests here and i will do my best to fix/add/remove them.


    Update b1.3 (7/30/10)
    Added Apps2sd support
    Removed Terminal,buggy when placed it the ROM.If you want it you can still find it on the market.
    Added optical trackball wake
    Added wireless N support

    Instructions for apps2sd
    1)Install ATTDROIDS_Aria_b1.3_signed.zip
    2)Still in clockwork recovery,navigate back to the main menu then choose Partitions menu
    3)choose "mount /system"
    4)Plug in your phone into your computer and navigate to the directory where you have adb installed through your terminal or command prompt
    5)type "adb shell" for command prompt or "./adb shell" for linux and mac then press ENTER
    6)in the shell type "cd /system/etc" then press ENTER
    7)type "chmod 555 install-recovery.sh" and press ENTER
    8)type "mount -t ext2 /dev/block/mmcblk0p2 /system/sd"then press ENTER
    9)on the phone,navigate back to the main menu in clockwork and reboot
    10)wait for the phone to finish rebooting and do step 5 again
    11)type "mount",if it was successful you should see "/dev/block/mmcblk0p2 /system/sd ext3 rw,errors=continue,data=ordered 0 0"
    12)download Darktremor Apps2sd 2.7 update 3r1 from here: [Script][A2SD] Darktremor Apps2SD version 2.7 Update 3r1 (2010-06-26) - xda-developers
    13)Copy it to your SD card and reboot back to clockwork
    14)flash as you would any other ROM and reboot
    15)do step 5 again,but this time type "a2sd install".the phone may reboot,this is normal.
    16)if all went well you should now be installing your apps to your partition on your SD card!

    Creating a partition on your SD card
    1)If you dont already have it download ROM Manager from the market
    2)open the program and choose "Partition SD Card"
    3)follow instructions to make the partition you want

    WARNING:If you mess up it can put your phone into an infinate reboot loop.It is HIGHLY recommended that you do a NANDROID backup before trying this or installing any ROM.Make sure you back up your SD card to your computer before making the partition.When you make the partition it will delete everything on the SD card.After you are done feel free to copy everything back.If you find yourself in a reboot loop pull the battery and boot into clockwork,then restore your NANDROID backup.

    Credits for the apps2sd method go to semigod,tkirton
    Thanks to mosamjc for pointing this out and thanks to the Aria community for the amazing work being done on this phone.Optical teackball button wake credits go to yollasho.Enabling wireless N credits go to jasonyump


    APPLICATION DEVELOPERS:If you have developed any of the apps above and wish to have them removed or more information added please let me know by sending me a PM on this site and i will do it ASAP.

    UPDATE b1.5 (8/18/2010)
    Fixed issue with factory reset(couldnt connect to Google account)

    Removed extra apps (Still find those apps to be great applications for any rooted phone but i understand everyone has different taste and will no longer be installing applications directly into this ROM,instead will just make suggestions =-) )

    Updated SuperUser to V.2.3.3

    If you want to install this ROM and you have A2SD enabled either uninstall it beforehand or factory reset.

    Attached Images Attached Images  
    HTC Aria-Rooted
    Motorola Backflip Bricked getting replacement =(

    HTC Touch Pro (Fuze)
    LG Incite-Returned.
    ATT Tilt Broken charger port.

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    Congrats SSeymour on the release! It's great to see the Aria receiving so much support already!

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    got bored at work and attempted to flash this rom but it wont sign me into google. Says no data network available but i can get on the web. Is it something i'm doing wrong?

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    its a known issue.I have a fix coming soon.For now I wouldn't do a factory reset with this rom .
    HTC Aria-Rooted
    Motorola Backflip Bricked getting replacement =(

    HTC Touch Pro (Fuze)
    LG Incite-Returned.
    ATT Tilt Broken charger port.

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    great rom.. glad the aria folks are gwtting some goodies.. keep up the good work..

    Sent from my SPH-M900 using Tapatalk

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    I installed this rom, but it's not signing into google. The internet browser works, but it just won't sign into google. Says theres no network connection.

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