Hello, a while back I upgraded my Eris to an X, and recently I upgraded to a Bionic. I thought about sending it to Amazon for the $30 trade-in value, but that wasn't really worth it. So I thought I'd try rooting and flashing a custom ROM. CyanogenMOD seems like the most popular so I followed the instructions (here/here).

Long story short, things didn't go as smoothly as described.

Here's the short version of the process with links to information you need to know.


1st. I would start by following these instructions: HTC Eris: Full Update Guide
- following the Amon_Ra's Recovery instructions, follow steps 1 - 7
- for me, this is where I had the 1st problem, step 6 didn't work and I received a "Illegal Instruction" error that's where I found this thread.
- if this happens to you, follow Scenario 5, jcase's 1-click app, this will root the Eris in one-click, don't forget to reboot your phone

2nd. Copy the CyanogenMOD 7 zip file and Google Apps zip file to your SD card root directory.
- the Google Apps zip is for the Market, basically

3rd. Shut down your phone

4th. boot to Amon_Ra by holding the Power/End and Volume Up key.

5th. scroll to Wipe data/factory reset

6th. scroll to Flash Zip from sdcard and select on CyanogenMOD Update.zip

7th. scroll to Flash Zip from sdcard and select on Google Apps.zip

8th. reboot, this is where I ran into my second error, BOOTLOOP, to solve this I performed a Wipe data/factory reset (didn't do one the 1st time around) booted up into Cyanogen and then powered down and flashed the Google Apps.zip file seperatly

9th step is to reboot.

I was finally in.

Thank you to the Cyanogen team for a really great ROM and getting my end of life device a second life.