Dark Skies: The Declassified Complete DVD With $500 in poker

chips they found on Steele, Loengard and Sayers head for Las Vegas. As John makes his way

to the gaming tables, Kim lands a job and meets Susan Swenson, a cocktail waitress who

already knows more than she wants to about a scheme to use

American Dad Seasons 1-3 DVD
In order to get a promotion at work in CIA, Stan has no

choice but convince the dictator of Isla Island that he should sign a treaty. But when Stan

meets the general and has an unfortunate mishap by killing him, Roger is forced to pose as

the leader. However, Roger really takes a shine to his position and goes nuts with it,

resulting in Stan having to save him from creating a revolution. Meanwhile, Steve and Snot

compete in a crazy competition to find out who can get farther with the other's mom.Source:


Cougar Town Season 2 DVD
Travis brings his new girlfriend, a grad student, home to

meet Jules; Grayson's house becomes the gang's new place to hang out.
Commander In Chief Season 1 DVD Mackenzie Allen, who serves as Vice

President of the United States, has a tough decision to make, whether or not to go against

the wishes of the dying current President. He has asked her to step down and let someone a

little more appropriate take his plac Dirt Season 2 DVD Brent goes out of his way to impress his

new boss. Meanwhile, the staff learns that the real gossip is backstage while covering an

awards show.
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