I just got my Incipio Feather in the mail, and I must say I am very let down. When I looked at the picture on the website, I really thought that the case was going to wrap around the front but it does not. In all fairness, I did look at the picture again and it doesn't wrap around in it like I thought it did. The picture is very deceiving, the way they shade the Evo makes it look like the case wraps around, at least to me it does. Anyways...

The Incipio is a lot thicker than the Barely There, and doesn't come up as high on the sides either. That actually makes it feel rather awkward in the hand because there is a very pronounced lip around the whole phone. Also, the Incipio case has a full cutout, like a bite, from the front of the case for the volume rocker whereas the Barely There has a rectangular hole and covers the plastic in front of the rocker.

The Incipio also provides far less protection for the camera lens. With the Barely There, the lens is completely protected, it covers the edge of the glass, fully recessing the lens into the case. It has a separate cutout for the flash, lens, and speaker. The Incipio just has one gaping hole for all three to share.

My biggest complaint about the Incipio is that because it doesn't come up all the way around the sides, the face of the Evo sticks out from it and consequently the corners are not fully protected. If this thing takes a tumble on to concrete, there is a good chance your corner could still get scratched. With the Barely There case, while still not very protective, at least your corners won't get beat up.

The only positive about the Incipio is that I like the way the material feels better than the Barely There. It has a softer, almost velvety finish to it. The Barely There still has a nice rubberized texture to it, just not as nice as the Incipio's.

I see no reason at all to purchase the Incipio case when you can buy the Barely There case instead. The Barely There is thinner, feels more comfortable in the hand, and provides more coverage/protection. I am sticking with my Barely There case and will probably give the Incipio away.

Casemate Barely There
Incipio Feather

Both cases cost $19.99.