Fresh Toast Custom Kernel for your Sprint Evo 4g

Experimental, and only available through Fresh Updater.

Fresh Toast was a popular collaboration rom by toastcfh and myself for the CDMA Hero. I am proud to announce that itís now available for the Evo! Rather than being offered as a separate rom it is now going to be offered as an update/patch for Fresh Evo. If you are running Fresh Rom 0.5.3 or 1.0.0 (testers/donors only right now) then you can get the update by enabling experimental roms in Fresh Updater (more info below). There are 0 changes made to the rom itself other than drivers, all of the changes are in the kernel.
The release notes on this are going to be very brief right now, and so is support. Please report any issues that you guys come across but donít be too surprised by that due to itís experimental nature. You all are the testers!
Fresh Toast Features:
  • CompCache / ramzswap
    • This is actually already included in Fresh Evo, but thanks to the new kernel it is hard coded in there and works a lot better.

  • Overclock available up to 1.27ghz, however it doesnít seem to totally function above about 1.15ghz.
    • Only tested with SetCPU. Should also work fine with Overclock Widget. Neither are included.
    • If you are reporting OC issues then make sure to say which application you are using. And donít report it if itís related to problems when going above 1.1ghz.

  • Undervolt ó Dynamic voltage scaling - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    • This lowers the voltage required by the processor at lower clock speeds, thus reducing heat and battery drain.

  • Ext4 support ó ext4 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    • If using apps2sd then you can convert your ext partition to ext4. Read the wikipedia article for noted benefits.
    • You can use AmonRA to convert from ext3 to ext4 without any data loss, just keep in mind that if you try using another rom that doesnít support ext4 then it wonít be able to read it. Going from ext4 back to ext3 will require re-partitioning your sdcard.

  • Both kernels contain extensive tweaks related to speed, power, VM, etc. More details and information to come on all of those tweaks.
  • Brain F**k Scheduler aka BFS (optional) Ė Brain **** Scheduler - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    • One version of the kernel includes BFS and one doesnít. BFS will definitely make your phone run faster but itís done with a possible side effect of stability. Test it out and see if you have any issuers.
    • If you are reporting any problems with Fresh Toast then make sure and say if you are using the BFS kernel or not.
    • If you arenít sure what a scheduler is: itís basically what is responsible for queuing up work for the processor to do. From an engineering standpoint even though we can multitask on our phone, the CPU is technically doing only one thing at a time. A scheduler is what controls which job the CPU is working on and which ones are next. This replaces the stock android one with BFS.

Reporting an issue? Please give us which kernel number you are using (#13 or #20 ó you can get this by going to Settings < About Phone < Software Information < Kernel Version) and also which overclock application you are using. Download:

This can only be downloaded through Fresh Updater, and only if you are on Fresh Evo 0.5.3 or 1.0.0 (testers/donors only for now). Users coming from Fresh Evo 1.0.0 should not have to worry about wiping or doing anything special. If coming from 0.5.3 then a wipe might be required to get it booted, I didnít test. Fresh Updater also has the kernels included with Fresh Evo so that you can go back to them if you have any issues with Fresh Toast. As always make sure you do a nandroid.
You must enable experimental roms in order to have them show up.
Fresh Updater > Menu > Configuration > Rom Update Settings > Display Experimental Roms ó Then check for updates.