rooted htc evo with full root. (nand access)
clockwork recovery ( )
most recent zip file below in downloads section

Instructions on flashing this rom. And most others as well:
turn off your phone
hold volume down and press power button while still holding volume down
when prompted with the white screen press volume down to highlight recovery and press power to select
now using volume buttons to navigate and power to select go to wipe data/factory reset
then select wipe cache partition
now scroll down to install zip from sdcard and select
click on choose zip from sdcard
now find the rom on your sdcard and select and it will start flashing (do not mess with your phone while its flashing)
once installation is completed click go back and then click reboot system now
your rom will now run its first boot which can take anywhere from 3-6 minutes
enjoy the rom!

Beta 5:
-deodexed all apks and frameworks
-removed unnecessary chunks of data from all pngs
-further compression most of system apps
-less ram usage due to smaller apks and pngs
-newest su binary and Superuser.apk
-partly themed by my buddy kspec
-added task killer and wireless tether
-removed all sprint apks except tv and voicemail
-stock experience (all stock settings by default)
-default ringtones made to my favorites
-custom kernel thanks to toast (fast as hell) (optional) (breaks camera) (working on overclock and patching camera)
-removed alot of htc's apks that nobody uses
-nexus custom boot animation
-this is the fastest rom you can have on evo to date
-better battery due to smaller ram footprints and less applications on memory. thus saving battery and quickening system
-this is just an entry build there are alot of custom features to come

Beta 6:
-changed and added default android wallpaper
-changed default notification and ringtone
-optimized rosie and a few others to stage 2
-decompressed htc_ime for stability
-manually optimized htc_ime for speed
-download setcpu from attachment for undervolt overclock fun. link :SetCPU for Root Users [2.0.1] This *actually* changes everything. 07/05/2010 - xda-developers
-added newest spareparts (removable)
-undervolted kernel (optional) (flash
-kernel is clocked at 1.19ghz aka 1.2ghz
-linpack score = 8.252 mflops by me

Beta 7:
-all apps zipaligned
-tested jit and it is unstable and breaks some applications
-added ROM Manager
-updated market
-newest wireless tether
-blocked advertisements
-removed gsd.apk
-new notification icons (sexy)
-added geniewidget
-added a 1.114ghz kernel option for those failing to boot with 1.2ghz
-nice battery and speed improvements (even without jit)
-more to come (jit?, notification tweaks, faster startup/shutdown)

Beta 8:
-updated to latest ota update
-using latest htc kernel
-deodexed frameworks and apps
-added 1.228ghz kernel for those who dare (use with caution as this is a high frequency)
-decompressed some instable apks
-rethemed the update
-manually reoptimized
-faster/cleaner shutdown
-cleaned up system for ram
-wireless n enabled *thanks chuckrizzo*
-added file manager
-extra htc widgets will now download and install
-went back to stock wallpaper
-cool piano sound when changing ringtone volume
-latest market
-faster 3g/4g. quicker start.
-removed advanced task killer (use spareparts task management and set to normal if youd like)
-added touchwiz from galaxy s (now have 3 homescreen options) (go to settings>applications>manage applications>htc sense>clear defaults) (removable)
-added multitouch keyboard to the root of your sd. use file manager to install. this keyboard is wicked fast
-removed mobile guide
-some things i forgot. might add later

Beta 9:
-edited rosie panel slickified
-espresso lock screen by kspec
-fixed flash
-flash 10.1 listed as version
-new kernel with all functions
-edited parts of kernel source to allow faster responsiveness to finger and slightly less touch lag
-undervolted kernel to a heavy underclock (saves alot on battery)
-changed parts of the kernel to allow for faster scrolling
-less power consumption on idle and wake
-slightly faster app installation
-kernel has edits for stability to prevent freezing
-epst codes still dont work. (im sorry but im troubled on whats wrong) if u wanted it to edit data for speeds. use *#*#4636#*#* and edit your preffered network type under phone information
-adb still doesnt remount or access system. read info on this post on how to push to system (replaces adb to an extent)
-some small framework changes
-pretty large speed improvement all around ( and i thought it was fast before)
-everything is working other than what is listed

Beta 9.5
-fixed adb issues. silly me for not editing the new boot.img
-new kernel with lower voltages
-unbloated the kernel for slight speed improvement
-decompressed browser for stability
-made a kernel edit to help with faster wimax startup
-added flash 10.1 for 2.1 apk (removable) (remove if your browser seems slow)
-im really friggin tired and cant sleep cause my prescription expired so i did this

Beta 9.6:
-everything from .9.5 and....
-even more speed increase
-lower voltages (may be the lowest i can go) (battery should last very very long)
-new notification icons for ultimate sexiness
-adb fix
-4g reboot fix
-debugging on by default
-full upgrade so a wipe is necessary


How do I fix my 4g connection?
The way 4g is handled has been slightly changed in the latest ota update. try this fix !

or read about it here: 4G Troubles? Get Insight Here (Don't be deceived by fake "fixes") - xda-developers

4g has been confirmed working by alot of people so i kno that it works. Just follow the instructions (put these threads on first post)

I cant use phone codes to access my epst settings?
Working on a fix. Need to find proper epst files. You may find desired settings in *#*#4636#*#*

YOU MUST FULLY WIPE to have everything perfect

I am not in any way responsible for bricking devices or any troubles you may have with this rom. I have tested it thoroughly and it all works. .

My good friend and themer kspec has become ill with lymes disease. His treatments are quite expensive and he is short on money. please click here to DONATE

v.9.6: (newest)