Looking for first new ROM for rooted Evo and due to my love of Sense, Im wanting to test the waters with something dependable like Fresh.

First a few questions:

Is Fresh noticably faster or easier on memory? Will I notice a decrease in lag of some apps or transitions, or is it more or less the same as stock?

If I flash Fresh rom, will it include a default kernel, or will I need to immediately find a new kernel as well? If so, any reccomendations for best speed/batt life combo?

Used Unrevoked3 to fully root and backup is with ClockworkMod. Is that backup image stored on the card, or do I need to backup to PC so that WHEN/IF I mess up and kill this phone, I can bring it back to current state?

Thanks in advance.

On further meditation, I have decided that maybe I wont die if I loose the Sense UI style. Not sure what else is out there, but if I can sweep out the bloatware (which I think I already did a good deal of via Titanium), and increase speed/memory and batt life, I am willing to try new things. After all, what good is a backup if I never do anything that might require a backup?

Still pretty new to all this, so not looking for anything that is complicated to install or setup. Learning how the interface works is fine, so long as I can get it installed with ease.

Im assuming that flashing a rom or kernel will not have an effect on current apps or other media files currently on phone, correct?