Guide : Adding Clearwire 4G Service to an EVO 4G

This is a discussion on Guide : Adding Clearwire 4G Service to an EVO 4G within the HTC EVO 4G Hacks forums, part of the HTC EVO 4G category; Guide to adding Clearwire 4g service to an EVO 4g. This could also work for other 4g enabled devices using android, but an Evo is ...

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Thread: Guide : Adding Clearwire 4G Service to an EVO 4G

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    Guide : Adding Clearwire 4G Service to an EVO 4G

    Guide to adding Clearwire 4g service to an EVO 4g. This could also work for other 4g enabled devices using android, but an Evo is all I have to do testing with. A similar 4g htc device should use this same technique without any issues. Also, there is a way to get 3g to work as well, but given the cost of the plan from clear, it doesnt really make sense to do it. You could just get it on cricket or metro PCS (and some others).

    First thing is first. A little background on the experience. I got a hold of an Evo with a bad ESN number. Rendering it basically useless. If you have a bad esn with Sprint, you are out of luck. They will not and cannot add the phone to your account. It used to be possible to basically beg them to do it, but as of today at least, they have put in measures to not allow this is any way.

    After I learned that Clearwire (Clear) and sprint were using the SAME exact towers for their 4g service, it dawned on me that it just might be possible to get this device into that system. I already had clearwire and knew the only way they “track” a device is by its wimax mac address. So, I dug around and found the one for my phone. It is on the box if you need it but it is also easy to find it in the phone. I just hoped it wasn’t linked in the same system to the bad esn.

    So, here is what you need to do. It doesn’t matter if you have service or are signing up for it. Be honest when speaking to clearwire about that, because you don’t want to setup 2 accounts, you can just add the device to your plan.

    You will need to root your phone. Given the constant changes in the firmwares and devices, you will need to find an up to date method for doing this. I used the site unrevoked to do this. It is also easier to do this on a mac, so if you can, try it there. It doesn’t require and driver installs or other downloads.

    Once you root your phone and confirm everything is on the up and up with that, go ahead and run up to best buy and buy any clearwire modem or usb modem, it doesn’t matter. The cheapest one will work, you can take it back in a day or 2. Make sure to get the receipt  its important! Now go home and get on and open a chat. Choose sales, and wait for someone to enter chat with you. Tell them you are either adding a device to your plan, or have a device and want to sign up for service. They may transfer you, and they may not, it just depends but doesn’t matter either way. Be sure to tell the person your finally talking to that you have the devices MAC address.* IMPORTANT* This is the trick to adding the mac of your device. You need to tell them you talked to someone before about adding your device, and they told you that you needed to find the original receipt for your device. Tell them you found it and are ready to add your device or start a new plan, whichever path your on. They will then need you to fax that info in. What you do is get your service ticket # from them and the fax number. They will talk to you about this and give you all that information. If the conversation goes a little out of bounds, just try to lead to these simple steps. You want new service with this device, you need to fax the receipt and add the device. That’s the direction you ultimately need to lead the conversation. Overall we want to avoid them asking what device it is. If they do ask, just say it’s a usb device and your not sure what model. Just tell them your at work and had written down the MAC but the device is at home. Doesn’t really matter.

    Now, go fax the receipt. On the cover letter put the Attn: “persons name you were talking to at clear” and add in your email, any account names / numbers and MAKE SURE to put your phone number used with clear and the ticket / service # they gave you. Fax that page, then tape the receipt to the back and fax that through as well. 2 pages is all you need to send them.

    Do not call them, or answer the phone when they call you, just let them deal with it. It could take 24-48 hours, but during some point, you will get an email confirming your new service.

    While your waiting for the email, you need to setup your phone to use the new clear network. You will not be able to get any further without doing these next steps. Clear will not just magically connect once your plan is active. You will need to find your MSL code. You can call sprint and ask, but if your like me with a bad esn, calling is not an option. So go to the app store and download “MSL Reader”. Go through the install and granting permissions and then run it to find your MSL number. It is 6 digits for me and probably the same for you as well. Write that # down.

    Go to your phone and dial in ##3282# and click “Edit mode”. It will ask you for the password, that is the number you just wrote down. Once entered click OK then go down and click “WiMax”. Now go down to “realm” and change it from to and click ok. Now press the main menu button and choose to “Commit Modifications”. Your phone will reboot.

    Once you have done this, your phone is ready to accept Clears 4g service. Once your plan is active, turn off wifi or anything else and only enable 4g. Then try to get on the net. You will be taken to a website asking you for your secret password and other info and make you confirm you understand the agreements. Do that, click submit, and your ready to go. You now have clear 4g on your Evo.

    Apps to get: (search in app store)
    Wireless Tether For Root Users Speed Test

    After testing speeds I get these numbers:
    9.19 mbps and 1.07 mbps upload (0n 4g)
    and before was
    3.03 mbps and 0.97 mbps upload (wifi home network)

    When tethering to a laptop, I get much faster speeds that if I connect to my home network. Which oddly enough is on clear as well. But is significantly slower than the Evo 4g. I had concernes the signal strength nad speed of the Evo would be bad, but after all tests it averages out to aound 3 times the performance. I am really impressed with it.

    I hope this helps you.
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    How much is the plan with them costing you? I was under the impression you had found someone to add your mac address without having to pay for a monthly plan.

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    Thank you


    I would like to say thank you for your post/information. I was quite disappointed when I heard Clear was dropping their Clear branded mobile phones. Your post made it possible for me to have:

    - Unlimited 4G 5down/1up for only $30 month via an existing Clear account
    - Unlimited Skype video/voice calls for $6 a month

    I mean talk about value!! => $175 for a new EVO and $36 a month for unlimited 4G usage... can't beat that. It would have cost me $60-$80 a month on a capped plan/not unlimited (which wouldn't have worked for my needs).

    Note 1 for other users: I was able to change my MAC address on my Clear account via chat (i.e. i didn't have to fax anything in). I said I was having trouble with my existing modem dropping my connection all the time (which wasn't true) and that I bought a new modem. I gave them the MAC address of the EVO and the chat rep asked for the make and model... I just gave him one of the model numbers from their website. He did not ask for proof of purchase. I have been using the service on my EVO for 3 weeks now with great success.

    Note 2 for other users: Since my phone was new... it came with 2.3 Gingerbread so I rooted with Revolutionary . Thanks as well to the revolutionary team. I have taken full control of MY own phone => replacing what the telecoms/Sprint are pushing me. Ahh it is so nice to get rid of all those bloatware apps, enable wireless tethering, etc.

    Thank you for making this possible!!!!
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    Thanks, for the above info but am a bit confused. What is the point of purchasing a Clear 4G modem and activating it. The Evo as its own mac id so shouldn't one be activating the mac id on the evo?

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    Thanks for the info. So upon clear 4G adding the evo mac id, what are the required steps to finally get the phone to work? Also are you still able to get your phone to make calls on another network like pageplus? while you use Clear 4G for data? once again thanks in advance.

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    I hate to resurrect an old thread but has anyone tried this with Netzero or Freedompop as they both offer free 500MB of data a month? This would kick ass. I know there's a sleeve for the Iphone on Freedompop's service that works for Droid phones but I'd like to reduce the carrying load.

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    Hi, new here. Has any one used Google voice combined with clear wireless on a HTC EVO 4G?

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    I just got done chasing this dragon today. First off DO NOT clone. You can use your Sprint WiMAX MAC address. I first called them and tried to add the phone to my account and they started asking all sorts of questions and then said NO WAY. However... all I had to do is log onto my Clearwire account and add the device as a WiMAX laptop. Type in my MAC address and add the data service that I wanted. Then I installed google voice on it. And whammo, I'm in business. Oh yeah... U still have to change your Realm in your WiMAX setting as mentioned above to And you will need root access and you MSL code to edit this. My WiFi tether on my EVO 3D also works perfect. I still cant figure out how to change the settings in Sprints Hotspot to work on Clearwire yet, but WiFi Tether works fine.
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    I know the original thread is very old but I was hoping that someone can help me.

    I used the following tutorial to add clearwire to my old evo 4g.

    I changed the wimax realm and I have clearwire internet on my phone and can visit web pages...


    When I try to share this connection via hotspot or tether I get a website called :
    mismatchrealm dot com

    I have the phone rooted with s-off

    Anyone able to help me finish my project please? I just cant seem to get to the internet if I connect any type of sharing.

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