Hello all. I have an Evo 4G with the 3.30 update and Froyo. My battery life has been horrendous to say the least. I have tried all the tweak on here, other sites etc and even with mild use (less than 50 texts, no You-tube,check my email every now and then). I last about 5 hours on average. I was chatting with Sprint tech support this morning and they said to take it back to a Sprint store for a brand new Evo. (I am still in the 30 day period) They said a lot of the battery issues are actually the battery in the phone and a new Evo will resolve that.

Normally I wouldn't buy that BUT my buddy upgraded to an Evo a week before me (we work together, so same location) and he regularly gets at least 8 hours out of his and he texts ALL day, leaves everything stock like it was from Sprint (I tried stock setting too, no luck there either), and has his brightness around 50%.

I'm seeing if anyone else has exchanged their phone and gotten better battery life? I'm all for a new phone, but I really don't want to reinstall all my apps and re-tweak it like I have if battery life isn't going to improve.

Thanks in advance for the input,