This phone's issues literally make me wish I had a flip phone instead,...Let me make a list of it's issues:

1. Camera and video are so low resolution, it's literally coloured squares that are completely unidentifiable.

2. tap the phone on the back at all, even occasionally if it's as slight as being in your pocket and taking a long-stride step, will cause it to shut down. Reboots take a solid four minutes on a good day.

3. After every shutdown, if turned on, it sometimes brings up coloured programming codes and I have to strip the battery and put it back in then reboot, taking a good 5-7 minutes.

4. Every other text gives me an error code that I don't care about.

5. Youtube buffers every two seconds even with four bar connection, but my friend's 3G phone never buffers at this location (also has Sprint).

6. Horrible battery life, it dies halfway through the day at best with fully charged extended batteries.

7. Almost all the apps lag/freeze.

8. All exported videos won't play on any other phone that isn't a Sprint 4G. (Tried changing video type, still never works.)

9. Horrible battery life (deserves a second mentioning it's so bad,...)

10. I typically recieve absolutely no form of notification when I recieve a text. (About one in every ten given texts actually vibrates.) but the LED light always flashes, my only way of being notified. Useless if my phone is pocketed.

11. E-Mail notifications typically have a massive delay before finally being recieved, reaching as high as the six to seven hour range on rare occasions, at which point it's usually completely useless. (*Less of an issue due to the GTalk App that essentially out-classes it.)

Any resolutions to these issues may save a desk from being flipped:D. It worked perfectly for a couple months. Now I feel like I am constantly carrying around a fragile egg, and hesitate to use it to avoid sucking the batteries dry.