Hello, I'm new here and I'm having an issue with my bluetooth headset and my Evo.

I hope it's okay to just start posting tech questions when you are new and I have been searching for my issue but haven't found it specifically.

I have a plantronics bluetooth headset and it used to work just fine on my phone. But, I never really used it. I do use the headset with my PS3 and that works just fine.

However, I will need to start using the headset again soon but I cannot hear anything through it or speak to it.

If someone calls me, I can press the answer button on the headset and it will answer the call but I can't hear the other person and they can't hear me. I can press the button when not on a call and voice dialer comes up but doesn't hear my commands.

The device is paired and connected. The phone knows when I push the button. Just no voice/audio. I know that it used to work but I can not remember the last time I used the device with my phone. I know that the headset works because I use it for gaming.