Not syncing any contacts or calendars on any accounts. I usually see the little double-arrow sync icon at the top after I hit the sync button in the settings, but I have not seen that in a long time. I power cycled the droid, I disabled and reenabled the sync settings and made sure all items were checked, I updated the profile and PRL in the system settings. I made a new gmail acct and added new contact and events but neither synced to my droid. I added a hotmail exchange acct and the contacts and calendar is not syncing. The status message is "never synced" but the email is syncing properly. When I go to calendar on the droid I only see the default gmail calendar, not the new gmail calendar or hotmail calendar. Called sprint but their troubleshooting steps basically consisted of power cycling, updating profile, factory reset. Factory reset is out of the question because if I do that I will lose all of my new data since the last sync, which could have been a month ago. I could really use some help. Does anyone have ideas? Thanks.

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