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    Smile Spy Apps

    Is there an app that allows u to keep up with what a child is doing on their evo. My daughter and I both have one and would like to see what she is doing on the web.:confused:

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    Really? You would invade your daughter's privacy like that?

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    Oh here we go...

    First off, no, I'm not aware of any parental control apps for Android. I'm not even sure how you would get a browser history.

    I completely agree with your right to monitor your child's usage of the phone/internet. However I think the best way to do that is with her permission and cooperation. If you don't trust your child, then why let her have the phone in the first place?
    I gave my iPhone to my 5 year old and got an EVO.

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    this is a tough question and I can see arguments from both sides. what to do in the age of technology where information is at the finger tips.

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    Ok got to chime in here. My best example would be my sixteen year old who does not understand how things work. No matter what we tell them or teach them there is always the risk for mistakes. So by using spyware or parental controls is gives u a better understanding of where they may need guidelines to help them with tools they are learning to use. You wouldn't hand a child a power saw and say here use it. You would show them how first and as you watched them you can help them correct there mistakes. That's my take.
    So remember to be nice people are here for help not judgement.

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    well said bikerbyrd, I've noticed here there are quite a few who judge vs assist.

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    I dont know if this app is what you're looking for but it seems to be along them lines

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    Quote Originally Posted by Picture Alert View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by nancy View Post
    Is there an app that allows u to keep up with what a child is doing on their evo. My daughter and I both have one and would like to see what she is doing on the web.:confused:
    Picture-Alert parental control app launched for the android platform
    Protect your children from sexting any cyber-bullying.

    Monitor your child's:
    - Camera phone activity (Photo/Video)
    - See actual screenshots of websites visited.
    - Monitor Facebook profiles your child is viewing
    - Monitor images being viewed from websites
    - Music downloads
    - Text message\email attachements
    Ok, this app is nice but here is the problem with it. First off, it has to be installed on the childs phone, so if they are at all phone savy, take that back, if they even open the app drawer they are going to notice it. Next I'm sure they will google the app to find out what it is once they realize they can't access it due to a password. Next I presume they will flip out and say you are invading their privacy and all the other stuff that comes along with that arguement. Not to mention it's $10. Who wants to pay $10 to start a fight?? I sure don't lol.

    If you are trying to be discrete I would say to just go through the text messages. Next as far as the browser history, all you have to do is open the browser, scroll to the top of the page and touch where you would type in a web site and it brings up a list of all the browser history. The only issue with this is if your child deletes their browser history everyday or before they come home. In that case I don't have an answer for you. But I will say this. If they are deleting there browser history frequently, then more than likely they have somethng to hide. Same goes for the texts. Most kids don't delete their texts let alone there browser history.

    In closing, I guess it's really up to you. Whichever method you think suits your situation. At any cost, good luck to you.

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